Our vision


Welcome to the world of SmartDeployment


The Smart Economy
A new economy powered by 5G, AI and sensors networking the world.

Buildings creating more energy than they use
Traffic flowing freely
Farms doubling yields

We all want it. Now.
But we can’t have it now.

Designing and deploying the networks and sensors on which the Smart Economy relies costs too much and takes too long.

We can’t cut-and-paste current teams, tools and technologies into the future.
We have to start over. We need a revolution of smarter solutions...

Welcome to the world of SmartDeployment
Where we bring people, processes and platforms together to simplify, unify and amplify.

We’re Nexius – we’ve done it before and we’re doing it again.
We’re blurring blue and white collar by upskilling people with tech.
We are powering ‘purple collar’.

Leveraging crowdsourcing to empower thousands of techs connected via an app.
Make 24/7 installation a reality.
Create this change with like-minded partners.
Share the savings with partners and customers.
Inspire and trust each other to deliver.

The way forward is ‘we can if . . .’, not ‘we can’t because . . .!’.

Let’s make this future a reality.

Welcome to Nexius – let’s PowerUP.

Nexius Supplier Portal

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AccuV is a confidential platform that houses Nexius client documents for our partners. Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you will be set up as an approved partner in the AccuV portal and will use this platform to review your POs and submit invoices using our proprietary tool.