Network operators partner with Nexius for its continuous, ahead-of-the-curve innovation, and progressive approach to building networks that advance schedules, reduce costs, and increase quality of service.  Our delivery teams leverage state-of-the-art software and automation tools, such as AccuVSM, providing unequaled consistency, accuracy, and visibility.  For assistance with time-sensitive projects, such as site audits, route planning, carrier-adds, equipment optimization, project/program management, engineering, and more, Nexius can rapidly deploy resources to meet critical time-to-market (TTM) and on-time-delivery (OTD) requirements.

Site Acquisition and Entitlements

With our strong team of site acquisition experts, Nexius is well positioned to deliver the best site, secured in the shortest possible time.  Nexius has extensive experience working with landlords, zoning officials, neighborhood committees, and tower management companies, providing us with the ability to anticipate, identify, and overcome the numerous obstacles inherent in the lease procurement and entitlement process. Nexius understands and embraces these challenges, utilizing specialists with direct industry experience and proven problem-solving skills in the areas of leasing, zoning and permitting.

Architectural and Engineering Design

Nexius has a proven track record of successful A&E telecommunications projects from large-scale to custom, smaller-scale projects.  This experience enables Nexius to design the network with optimal use of hardware and structural capacity, leveraging drawings and analyses by our knowledgeable engineers.  A Nexius architectural and engineering design solution can make sure all projects are set up to succeed with the most complete and detailed analysis of existing structures and thorough civil and engineering designs.
With a complete roadmap, delays in time-to-construction, cost overruns, and other unforeseen challenges will be avoided.  For Nexius, a complete and optimized design involves a methodical and data-intensive analysis that provides visibility to the risks and opportunities in every aspect of the deployment process.

Civil Construction

The Nexius civil construction team is experienced and accomplished in construction management, quality management, construction specification standards, safety management, and cost management.  Nexius is unique in the industry in the way we leverage innovative processes, software tools, and automation to provide unequaled accuracy and visibility resulting in higher quality project delivery.  Our teams are committed to elevating quality, safety standards, and client satisfaction in every engagement.

Installation and Commissioning

Installing new equipment on site is more than just a plug-and-play operation. Successful deployment projects require technicians with a deep knowledge of small cells, DAS, microwave, or other technologies, and a complete understanding of the customer’s exact specifications and experience with the tower or site under development.
Nexius has expert technicians to provide optimal performance, proper integration, and solid connections between all critical systems. Because service failures or outages during a routine installation or commission can be costly in terms of impacts to budgets, timelines, and the overall customer experience, all critical systems are tested and verified with the customer’s NOC prior to and after installation, integration, and commissioning services are performed. Nexius has mitigation and risk avoidance strategies to keep projects on-track and on-budget.

Route Planning, Permitting, and Make Ready

At Nexius, we’ve learned from experience that careful upfront planning is critical for enabling a successful, predictable network deployment experience.  Whether your construction project is undertaken in an area with tight regulatory controls or one with sensitive, residential restrictions, Nexius carefully scopes all requirements and lead times to create a build plan designed to deliver against known schedule and budget goals.  Our crews are well versed in local considerations and ensure that each project is completed with minimal impact on the community and dependent organizations.

Aerial, Buried, and Underground Construction

Today, there are multiple cable technologies and placement options for deploying fiber networks, which are often intermixed within single projects.  Nexius supports aerial, underground or buried placements with experienced crews across the country.  At Nexius, we work to extend the long-term value of capital OSP assets by making sure they are properly tracked and inventoried and source systems are fully populated with accurate as-built and asset geo-location data in the GIS/CAD format of the customer’s choice.


At Nexius, we have built more than a successful business—we have cultivated a lasting culture based on consistent demonstration of our core values throughout our company’s history. Emphasizing these four core values has defined Nexius and reflects who we are, contributing to both our employee and company success. As we connect our everyday decisions to these values, we demonstrate the type of behavior customers, employees, potential recruits and business partners can expect from us. We continue to live by and promote these core values to reinforce our culture, and how we at Nexius do business.

  • Radio Frequency Hazards
  • Construction OSHA 10 and OSHA 30
  • Excavation and Trench Safety
  • Defensive Driving and DOT Safety

  • Basic First Aid and CPR
  • Workplace Hazards
  • Gravitec Climbing/Rescue

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