Technology Services

Plan, Implement, and Optimize your Service or Network with Nexius

The Nexius Technology Services team advises organizations, service providers, vendors, and investors on emerging technologies, and helps them formulate sound business and technology solutions. For organizations that want an independent perspective to plan their product or technology strategy, Nexius offers a seasoned team of consultants who have the knowledge and experience to conceive the designs your business needs to seize emerging opportunities.

Network-Service Architecture

Nexius delivers technical strategies for next generation networks and services, and is able to flesh out this plan in a detailed set of recommendations to ensure a harmonious, fast and smooth network evolution.

Our Network-Service Architecture offer includes:

  • Business Requirements Definition & Case Creation
  • Systems Architecture and Solution Design
  • RFP Creation and Response Assistance
  • Proof of Concept and Vendor Management
  • Vendor Selection and Management
  • Spectrum Management and Deployment Readiness
  • Architecture and Technology Roadmap

Integration, Testing and Optimization Services

Nexius draws from years of experience managing and implementing networks and service rollouts for companies worldwide. We have created proven and successful integration strategies for our customers.

Our Integration, Testing and Optimization services include:

  • Implementation Impact Analysis
  • Lab Test, Trials , and Integration Plan/Management
  • Subscriber Migration Planning
  • Optimization and Root Cause Analysis of performance issues
  • Training Plans and Execution

Customer Experience Services

With the advent of ubiquitous LTE, voice migration (VoLTE) and expectations for true high speed mobile data, end user experience will depend more and more on the quality/ consistency of end-to-end data throughput, prioritization, and network delays.

Nexius provides the knowledge, methodology and tools to optimize the customer experience by:

  • Tracking device performance from an enduser experience perspective
  • Closely scrutinizing devicenetwork interaction
  • Adopting an end-to-end approach while understanding device performance
  • Harmonizing field and lab testing using test method that simulates usage pattern
  • Assessing device performance in various network conditions
  • Identifying the root cause of the issue (device or network element etc.)

Experienced Technology Services Teams You Can Trust

The Nexius Technology Services team brings to the table broad and deep knowledge of today’s wireless and network communications industry, and an insightful appreciation of how emerging technologies are going to transform today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities.

With a vendor neutral approach and a track record of strong delivery, Nexius’ consulting teams are focused on providing highimpact services to our customers by blending resources with diverse backgrounds for maximum efficiency.

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