Network Intelligence

Network and Business Intelligence data-driven solutions to assure a quality service experience, drive operational efficiencies and uncover business opportunities.

Nexius believes that there is a treasure trove of opportunities in Big Data from networks, devices, and social media to improve a service provider’s business. Through our deep experience with structured and unstructured data, business and operational support systems (B/OSS), and leading data analytics platforms, we can develop, integrate and optimize a solution to unlock the value in your data.

Our Network and Business Intelligence practice delivers:

  • Software development of large scale management and analytics solutions
  • Systems integration across OSS and BI platforms
  • Consulting services focused on engineering, business and data analysis

Nexius has focused on and built a strong track record of delivering solutions in the following areas:

Subscriber Experience

The subscriber experience is everything as customers can easily take their dollars elsewhere. Service providers are seeking every capability to understand and enrich this experience. Nexius works with data from devices, traffic probes, per call measurement, deep packet inspection, network, customer care systems and social media data to help operators understand and improve subscriber experience and sentiment.

Network and Service Performance

All service providers, whether they deliver network connectivity, over the top services, or high performance converged services, need to understand the end-to-end performance of their services. Our team has engaged with dozens of providers to provide this insight.

We deliver performance reporting solutions for:

  • Macro & small cells
  • Next generation packet core and IP networks
  • Push-to-talk
  • Wifi mobile networks
  • Cloud and virtualization platforms
  • Video and other high performance application services

Service Assurance

After launching and billing for a service, realtime service assurance is often the next highest priority for a service provider. If not implemented, providers risk painful outages that can be damaging to customer experience and relationships. Nexius has a team of professionals with many years of experience working with the largest Network Operations Centers (NOCs) in the world, and with leading network monitoring tools to design and develop alarm management, network visualizations, element management systems all integrated into comprehensive operations playbooks.

Network Resource and Topology Management

An underpinning capability to effectively assure services is the capture and tracking of network resources, configurations and interconnected topology. Nexius’ teams have experience working with operators on the largest, most complex NRM solutions, and have developed targeted custom solutions to document, manage and visualize complex services, network, and infrastructure.

Sales, Marketing and Financial Analytics

Nexius works with CMO and CFO organizations to extract highvalue business insights from network and service data. Using advanced analytics and dashboard solutions, Nexius unlocks business intelligence and predictive capabilities around subscriber behavior, revenue, churn, acquisition, retention and profitability. Nexius has deep experience cross referencing network and service data with business data, such as customer service and billing records, to derive intelligence for higher level decision support.

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