Ahhh, do you smell that?! The perfumed scent of prognostication! It’s still wafting in the air from the first half of the year when industry analysts and pundits alike painstakingly predicted our wireless future.

Now that we are at the half-way point of 2011, Nexius decided to take a closer look at some of the more compelling predictions from the beginning of the year, evaluating them in light of our experience delivering end-to-end wireless services and software solutions to telecom, technology, and other industries worldwide.

So far, it appears that a lot of the analysts got it right and some were a bit off-base, but here’s our take:

On network speeds – Expect significant 4G coverage in the U.S. by the end of 2011, with speeds ranging from 2 to 32 Mbps. Also expect significant 3G capacity challenges and continued growth in M2M communications. Operator success in the age of smartphones and soaring data demands will hinge on proper network design and deployment as well as precise SLA execution.

On 4G confusion – Bottom line, most consumers have no idea what 4G means. Enterprise adoption of 4G will surge with the launch of mobile VoIP. WiMAX, however, will die a not-so-slow death, a victim of business and technical issues.

On analytics – Soon, wireless executives will no longer have to look backward to move the companies forward. Next-generation analytics and business intelligence systems replace historical review with future predictions, leveraging increasing compute power and connectivity. The lingering concern? End user privacy.

On the cloud – Look forward to more cloud-based solutions, including a cloud OS, entering the market. Adoption will accelerate as the industry tackles issues ranging from lack of contiguous coverage to battery life.

On network coverage – The next big thing in wireless is small cell technology – picocells, femtocells, distributed antenna systems. Rather than shelling out big money to erect large cell towers, operators can expand their networks with small cell sites that are unobtrusive and inexpensive.

Those are just the highlights, of course. We offer a complete analysis of the year’s projections in our white paper: “A Closer Look: Assessing the 2011 Wireless Industry Predictions.”

The paper is free and available now for download at http://www.nexius.com/company/resources. Check it out and let us know, does it sound about right? Or do you smell something fishy?

- Rob Koldys, Nexius VP Strategy & Business Development